Doctors, suicide and mental illness.

Doctors, suicide and mental illness.

Gerada C. BJPsych Bull. 2018.


This article focuses on doctors and suicide. It provides real examples to illustrate why doctors die by their own hand. These reasons are replicated in the general population, but also include a host of additional risk factors related to being a doctor. In each case, information about the doctor is in the public domain or, as in one case, consent from the next of kin has been obtained for a detail not in the public domain. The author is a doctors’ doctor, heading up a confidential health service for doctors with mental illness or addiction, the National Health Service Practitioner Health Programme. Mortality data from the programme (January 2008-January 2017) will also be included. For the sake of confidentiality, data is collated and details regarding age and gender have been approximated.Declaration of interestNone.


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