Cranioplasty: Review of materials and techniques

J Neurosci Rural Pract. 2011 Jul-Dec; 2(2): 162–167.
PMCID: PMC3159354

Cranioplasty: Review of materials and techniques


Cranioplasty is the surgical intervention to repair cranial defects. The aim of cranioplasty is not only a cosmetic issue; also, the repair of cranial defects gives relief to psychological drawbacks and increases the social performances. Many different types of materials were used throughout the history of cranioplasty. With the evolving biomedical technology, new materials are available to be used by the surgeons. Although many different materials and techniques had been described, there is still no consensus about the best material, and ongoing researches on both biologic and nonbiologic substitutions continue aiming to develop the ideal reconstruction materials. In this article, the principle materials and techniques of cranioplasty are reviewed.

Keywords: Allograft, autograft, cranioplasty, reconstruction, skull defects


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