Imaging of cerebral aneurysms: a clinical perspective

Imaging of cerebral aneurysms: a clinical perspective

  • Nam K. Yoon,
  • Scott McNally,
  • Philipp Taussky and
  • Min S. ParkEmail author
Neurovascular Imaging20162:6

DOI: 10.1186/s40809-016-0016-3

Received: 30 November 2015

Accepted: 2 February 2016

Published: 15 March 2016


Neuroimaging is a critical element in evaluating and treating patients with cerebral aneurysms. Each neuroimaging technique has unique strengths, weaknesses, and current developments. In this review, we discuss the utility of two primary noninvasive radiological techniques—computed tomography angiography (CTA) and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)—as well as of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) for evaluation of cerebral aneurysms. These techniques allow comprehensive evaluation of aneurysm size, location, rupture status, and other imaging characteristics that guide clinicians to make appropriate and timely treatment recommendations.


Cerebral aneurysm Neuroimaging Computed tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Digital subtraction angiography 


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