So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (Part VI) By @fashionsurgeon

Fashionable Biotech Exec, MD
Biotech Exec – kicking cancers a$$ with my husband at the family biotech biz; a fashionista, patient, MD (former neurosurg), and blogger


Part 6 of my series of successful #matriculation into #neurosurgeryresidencyI want to continue to talk about INTERVIEWS. Last time we talked about strategy this time I want to mention the social aspect of the interviews. Each interview is a 2 day affair – the actual interviews, and then a dinner with the residents (and rarely the attendings) this is the social aspect. … The cocktail hour and dinner is a very important part of the interview process that many take for granted. This is your time to meet the people you may be in the trenches with for the next 7 years! Get a feel of their personalities, how they interact with each other. Make sure you don’t mingle only with the other candidates, but introduce yourself to the residents. Ask questions about the program, but also talk about other things- they are also getting a feel for your personality. …

Here are my 3 rules for the “social interview”:

1) don’t drink too much!!!!
2) don’t talk bad about other programs
3) don’t talk bad about other candidates

It’s a really small world! Finally in terms of attire it’s typically business casual – for men, slacks and a jacket, for women a professional dress or skirt and blouse. Ladies also check out @shenovafashionwhich I recently posted about – I wear my neuron skirt to meetings and it is very stylish and a conversation starter (you will be remembered!) As usual please feel free to ask any questions! …
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