So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (Part V) By @fashionsurgeon

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It’s #medicalmonday! Today on Part 5 of my advice on getting into #neurosurgeryresidency, I will talk about #interview strategy. In the next installment we will discuss the actual interviews. .

As early as September (as long as you submitted your application on time) you will start to get interview requests. The amount of requests depends on how many programs you applied to. I applied to approx 50 programs and recieved 44 interview requests. Schools also have wait lists for interviews, so later in the interview season I was invited to 2 more programs. There are a few things you have to consider carefully:

No.1 – Accepting interviews at a range of programs (lower tier, mid tier and high tier) no matter how great of an applicant you are. I accepted 17 interview requests and 4 were of the lowest tier. Also respond promptly to interview requests whether you are accepting or declining. If you wait they may fill your spot with someone on the waiting list.
No.2 Be strategic in your scheduling, this is a costly process 💵 💰! So try and group your interviews regionally! You have to pay for airfare and hotel rooms (a few programs comp a room or have special rates). Also feel free to look up the program’s administrative assistant – their contact info is often on the programs page. If I was going to be on the West Coast and had not heard from ie UCLA I would ask if I was on their interview list, 70% of the time they would know!

No.3 Try and schedule a low tier school first. You will be nervous and it’s great to get some confidence by getting through an interview or 2!

No.4 Make sure you have appropriate interview #attire. Don’t leave your shopping trip for the day before – you may need alterations ect. For men it is relatively straight forward – dark suit and tie. For women – I suggest going with skirt suits only because it allows you to wear more comfortable shoes!!! A key for the tour. You can even wear dressy flats or a short heel. If you wear slacks they may need to be hemmed – a pain.

Stay tuned for more next week! .


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