So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (part III) By @fashionsurgeon

So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (part III) By @fashionsurgeon


In this 3rd installation of “how to get into#neurosurgery #residency” we will discuss the importance of the #subinternship or#clerkship. .
It is important to do one at your home neurosurgery department and usually 2 away rotations/subIs. Some programs will only accept #medicalstudents who have rotated on their service. The key decision makers when it comes to ranking candidates are the #programdirector and the PGY-5 and PGY-6 residents as they will be your #chiefresident in your early training days – get your face time with these people. On these 4 week rotations you will help write notes and round in the AM, go to the OR, clinic and take call with the residents. This is your time to show off your communication skills, knowledge (get that Greenberg), and proficiency at basic#operating skills like knot tying and basic suturing! It’s also time for you to see if you fit in with the culture of the program. Also realize that most require you to give a#scientific presentation, so be prepared! .
The best advice I can give you is to not be competitive with the between 3-7 other students rotating with you. Believe me it’s hard, but being on the other side it is so obvious when someone is an insincere kissass. Be yourself, work hard, take every opportunity you get and don’t be scared to operate with the program director Bc you might screw up. No one expects you to know how to operate! But be attentive and show you have the ability to learn and are prepared (i.e. You know the patient, the type of case you’ve looked up a few facts about the pathology). Also never be idle! Help position the #patient, get the tape, marker ect (you will understand what I’m talking about). Show interest in everything – learning how to place the #mayfield. .
Hope this was helpful, please feel free to ask specific questions!

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Thanks to @neurocirurgiabr for the 📸…follow him for some great educational tools!!

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