So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (part II) By @fashionsurgeon

So you want to be a neurosurgeon ? (part II) By @fashionsurgeon

Art by Kathryn Ko @doc_ambidexter on IG 

It’s #MedicalMonday and time to talk #neurosurgeryresidency
It’s no secret that #neurosurgery is competitive Looking at the 2016 #NRMPmatch statistics there are 0.6 positions per applicant. In the 2016 match 354#medicalstudents applied and 214 matched, of these 214 who matched 14 were #IMG‘s. .
This post let’s talk #academicexcellence. A huge screening tool programs use is#USMLE Step 1 scores. Typically the cut off is a score of 240 or higher. The good news is that the USMLE is much more straightforward than the #MCAT….no long passages to read about glaciers 😜. The USMLE asks you short questions that you SHOULD have learned in medical school. Some questions have #pathology or#radiology images. If you absorb what you learn in the first 2 years of medical school, use the classic study tools (#blogpost to come on how I studied) including investing in a question bank, a 240 is obtainable. In terms of class rank, being in the top 5% of your medical school class is desirable. If your school does not rank, programs often look if you are a member of #AOA (being inducted in your 3rd year is a great honor and a distinction to be made on your application). Ok, so your board scores and class rank don’t quite add up…panic? Change residency choices -NO. There are several other important aspects of your application. However you may be screened out of some programs that have strict board score cut offs, there are several programs that value other aspects of your app.
Neurosurgery programs highly value#research. (14% of #neurosurgeons have#PhDs compared to 4% in the general pool of docs). Does this mean you need a PhD -again no, but many take a research year if their board scores aren’t up to snuff. There are many more important aspects of your application- stay tuned for part 3!

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