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Excent post by Dr. Eve Purdy:  “blog to follow as medical Student.” Thank you to add us #neurosurgeryblog 

Blogs to Follow as a Medical Student by SpecialtyPosted by Eve Purdy

Blogs, wikis and other versions of web 2.0 can offer a way to enhance the learning experience (1)– they deepen understanding and challenge learners to collaborate in a digital environment. As a preclerk I try to read around specialties that I am interested in and topics that we are covering in class to extend my knowledge beyond the lecture hall. I find it especially helpful as we are forced thinking about career planning at an early stage.
Below is a list of some basic blogs that you might like to follow based on medical specialty. These blogs are up to date but by no mean are a complete list of all the available resources out there. I am also clearly not an expert in any of these areas but think that these blogs might be a good place to start exploring interest. Please let me know if there are any that I should add. From these you should be able to find more resources that may be even more suited to your interests. This might get you started but better yet, go to webicina to develop a personalized RSS feed to follow all the social media resources related to the topics you are interested in.

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Eve Purdy

A junior emergency medicine resident with interest in rural medicine, medical education and social media in health care. When not working in the hospital, she is usually running, playing guitar or planning an outdoor adventure.


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