Neurosurgical Techniques: Recommended Books for Neurosurgery Residents

Below you’ll find our favorite books about Neurosurgical Techniques. If you’re looking for something to read this year, I’d recommend any of the books below.


Neurosurgical Techniques: Recommended Books for Neurosurgery Residents

1- Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Brain 2nd Edition by Laligam N. Sekhar (Editor), Richard Glenn Fessler (Editor)

2- Rhoton’s Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches 1st Edition by Albert L. Rhoton Jr MD (Author)

3- Core Techniques in Operative Neurosurgery: Expert Consult – Online and Print, 1e 1 Har/Psc Edition by Rahul Jandial MD PhD (Author), Paul McCormick MD MPH FACS (Author), Peter M Black MD PhD (Author)

4- Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Spine and Peripheral Nerves 2nd Edition by Richard Glenn Fessler (Editor), Laligam N. Sekhar (Editor)

5- Operative Neurosurgical Anatomy (Fossett, Operative Neurosurgical Anatomy)
1st Edition by Damirez T. Fossett (Author),
Anthony J. Caputy (Author)

6- Fundamentals of Operative Techniques in Neurosurgery 2nd Edition by E. Sander Connolly (Author), Guy M. McKhann II (Author), Ricardo J Komotar (Author), J Mocco (Author), Asim F. Choudhri (Author)

7- Pediatric Neurosurgery (Neurosurgical Operative Atlas) 2nd Edition by James Tait Goodrich (Editor)

8- Seven Aneurysms: Tenets and Techniques for Clipping 1st Editionby Michael T. Lawton (Editor)

9- Seven AVMs: Tenets and Techniques for Resection
1st Edition by Michael T. Lawton (Editor)

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