Residency Recommended Books: Neurology

This is a basic bibliography of the books for Neurology Residents (my personal opinion)

Text Book

Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set, 7e by Robert B. Daroff MD and Joseph Jankovic MD

Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology 10th Edition 10th Edition by Allan Ropper (Author), Martin Samuels (Author), Joshua Klein (Author)

Merritt’s Neurology by Elan D. Louis MD MS and Stephan A. Mayer MD



Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition (Principles of Neural Science (Kandel) by Eric R. Kandel and James H. Schwartz

Localization in Clinical Neurology by Paul Brazis and Joseph C. Masdeu MD PhD

DeJong’s The Neurologic Examination by William W. Campbell MD

Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis 1st Edition by Cary D. Alberstone (Author), Michael P. Steinmetz (Author), Imad M Najm (Author), Edward C. Benzel (Author)

Decision Making in Neurocritical Care by Jennifer A Frontera


Diagnostic Imaging: Brain by Anne G Osborn and Karen L Salzman

Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging Anatomy: Brain, Head and Neck, Spine by H. Ric Harnsberger and Anne G. Osborn


Board Exam Review

The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Neurology Second Edition by Alice W. Flaherty MD PhD (Author), Natalia S. Rost MD (Author)

Neurology PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Eighth Edition 8th Edition by David Anschel (Author)

Case Files Neurology, Second Edition (LANGE Case Files) 2nd Edition by Eugene C. Toy (Author), Ericka Simpson (Author), Ron Tintner (Author)

Blueprints Neurology (Blueprints Series) Fourth Edition by Frank W. Drislane MD (Author), Dr. Juan Acosta (Author), Louis Caplan MD (Author), Dr. Bernard Chang MD MMSc (Author), Andrew Tarulli (Author)


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