An intradural spinal tuberculoma mimicking a neurinoma


In the last few years, tuberculosis has evolved to become a major public health problem again. One reason, of course, is the growth in international travel and trade, which provides many more opportunities for the spread of diseases. Other risk factors are the increasing prevalence of HIV infection as well as urban overcrowding and inadequate nutrition.1–3 Tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs and then spreads to the other parts of the body through the blood stream. It is estimated that the central nervous system is affected in 10% of all patients diagnosed with tuberculosis. The most common manifestation is tuberculous meningitis.2 Spinal involvement is estimated to be only 2–5% of all cases.4 Primary spinal tuberculosis is extremely rare and only four cases have been reported in the literature until now.5 In this paper, we present a case…

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Júlio Leonardo B. Pereira


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