Use of the Microangiographic Fluoroscope for Coiling of Intracranial Aneurysms

BACKGROUND: Neurointervention is an ever-evolving specialty with tools including microcatheters, microwires, and coils that allow treatment of pathological conditions in increasingly smaller intracranial arteries, requiring increasing accuracy. As endovascular tools evolve, so too should the imaging. OBJECTIVE: To detail the use of microangiography performed with a novel fluoroscope during coiling of intracranial aneurysms in 2 separate patients and discuss the benefits and potential limitations of the technology. METHODS: The microangiographic fluoroscope (MAF) is an ultra high-resolution x-ray detector with superior resolution over a small field of view. The MAF can be incorporated into a standard angiographic C-arm system for use during endovascular procedures. RESULTS: The MAF was useful for improved visualization during endovascular coiling of 2 unruptured intracranial aneurysms, without adding significant time to the procedure. No significant residual aneurysm filling was identified post-coiling, and no complications occurred. CONCLUSION: The MAF is a high-resolution detector developed for use in neurointerventional cases in which superior image quality over a small field of view is required. It has been used with success for coiling of 2 unruptured aneurysms at our institution. It shows promise as an important tool in improving the accuracy with which neurointerventionists can perform certain intracranial procedures. ABBREVIATIONS: AP: anteroposterior CT: computed tomography CTA: CT angiography DSA: digital subtraction angiography FOV: field of view ICA: internal carotid artery MAF: microangiographic fluoroscope

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Júlio Leonardo B. Pereira

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