Technique for insertion of intraventricular baclofen catheters

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, Volume 8, Issue 4, Page 394-395, October 2011.
Intraventricular baclofen (IVB) infusion has been used recently to treat secondary dystonia. Techniques of catheter implantation have not been thoroughly described. The object of this study was to describe a technique developed in the past 6 years to implant intraventricular catheters for baclofen infusion. Thirty-one patients underwent endoscopic placement of intraventricular catheters for IVB, primarily patients whose anatomy made implantation of intrathecal catheters difficult or inappropriate. Using the technique described, catheters were successfully inserted into the desired ventricular location in each patient. Catheters remained in the desired location in 29 of 31 cases. Catheters can be inserted into the cerebral ventricles for infusion of baclofen. The technique described herein has been associated with few complications.

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Júlio Leonardo B. Pereira


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