WFNS -CNS “Operative Techniques with the Masters” Symposium

September 2nd, 2011
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WFNS -CNS “Operative Techniques with the Masters” Symposium

Dear distinguished colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the following:

WFNS -CNS “Operative Techniques with the Masters” Symposium

Special Pre-meeting “How I Do It” event at the Interim WFNS Meeting

September 13th, 2011-Recife, Brazil

8am to 5pm

Hall D Summerville Resort

Presided by: Prof. Peter Black (WFNS President) & Prof Marcus Rotta (President of the Neurosurgical Society of Brazil)

Moderated by: Prof. Saleem Abdulrauf (CNS Vice-President & Chair of the WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee)


Vascular (morning session)

“How I do it”: Clipping of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm

“How I do it”: Clipping of a basilar apex aneurysm

“How I do it”: High-Flow EC-IC bypass

“How I do it”: Resection of a brainstem cavernous malformation

“How I do it”: My techniques for the resection of an arteriovenous malformation

Tumors (afternoon session)

“How I do it”: Microsurgical resection of a suprasellar tumor

“How I do it”: Endoscopic resection of a pituitary/suprasellar tumor

“How I do it”: Resection of petrovclival meningioma

“How I do it”: The anterior petrosal approach

“How I do it”: Resection of an acoustic schwannoma

“How I do it”: Microsurgical resection of a third ventricular tumor

“How I do it”: Resection of a spinal cord tumor

Senior Presenters:

Prof. – Jacques Brotchi (Belgium)

Prof. – Paolo Cappabianca (Italy)

Prof. – William Couldwell (USA)

Prof. – Atul Goel (India)

Prof. – Juha Hernesniemi (Finland)

Prof. – Takeshi Kawase (Japan)

Prof. – Basant Misra (India)

Prof. – Nelson Oyesiku (USA)

Prof. – Madjid Samii (Germany)

Prof. – Atos de Sousa (Brazil)

Prof. – Ugur Ture (Turkey)

Prof. – Jizong Zhao (China)

Special Luncheon Lecture:

Michelangelo’s Code

New Ideas Regarding the Hidden Anatomy in Michelangelo’s Paintings

By Prof. Alexandru Vlad Ciruea (Romania)

It is the pleasure of the WFNS & CNS to provide this symposium free of charge to all registrants of the WFNS interim meeting in Recife.

Lunch will be provided!

Sincerely yours,
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Muhammad Raji Mahmud
Young Neurosurgeons Forum

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