“Spring-back” closure associated with open-door cervical laminoplasty

Publication year: 2011
Source: The Spine Journal, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 3 September 2011
Hai-Qiang, Wang , Kin-Cheung, Mak , Dino, Samartzis , Tarek, El-Fiky , Yat W., Wong , …
Background context: Spring-back complication after open-door laminoplasty as described by Hirabayashi is a well-known risk, but its definition, incidence, and associated neurologic outcome remain unclear. Objective: To investigate the incidence and the neurologic consequence of spring-back closure after open-door laminoplasty. Study design: A retrospective radiographic and clinical review. Outcome measures: Lateral cervical spine X-rays were evaluated. Anteroposterior diameters (APD) of the vertebral canal of C3–C7 were measured. Spring-back was defined as loss of APD on follow-up in comparison to immediate postoperative canal expansion. The loss of the end-on lamina silhouette with consequent reappearance of the lateral profile of the spinous processes was also assessed to verify the…


Categories: Spine and Peripheral nerve

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