A prospective series of patients with hyperglycaemia-associated movement disorders

Publication year: 2011
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 23 July 2011
Amin, Cervantes-Arriaga , Georgina, Arrambide , Mayela, Rodríguez-Violante
Hyperglycaemia-associated movement disorders (MD) usually appear in older patients with diabetes and are related to acute peaks in blood glucose levels. This study aimed to describe the clinical features of a prospective series of patients with movement disorders associated with hyperglycaemia. We present a series of seven women and three men diagnosed with hyperglycaemia-associated MD who were followed for at least 1year. Clinical evolution, treatment and neuroimaging findings are presented. Mean (± standard deviation [SD]) of the age at onset was 67.7±11.7years and mean (± SD) fasting glucose was 359.7±162.5mg/dL. Putaminal hyperintensity on T1-weighted MRI was present in almost all…



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