Surgical treatment and outcomes of metastatic breast cancer to the spine

Publication year: 2011
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 22 July 2011
Brian P., Walcott , Gregory L., Cvetanovich , Zachary R., Barnard , Brian V., Nahed , Kristopher T., Kahle , …
Metastatic vertebral body and spinal epidural lesions cause significant pain and neurological morbidity and negatively impact quality of life and survival. In instances of metastatic epidural spinal cord compression, treatment typically involves surgery and radiotherapy. The incidence of spinal metastases in breast cancer patients is high. In the light of recent improvements in survival among some patients with breast cancer, we reviewed the treatments and outcomes for patients with breast cancer who presented to our institution with metastatic epidural spinal cord compression. We identified all patients undergoing open surgery for the treatment of breast cancer metastases to the spine at…


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