Simultaneous multiple hypertensive intracranial hemorrhages

Simultaneous multiple hypertensive intracranial hemorrhages

Publication year: 2011 Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 12 July 2011Satoru, Takeuchi , Yoshio, Takasato , Hiroyuki, Masaoka , Takanori, Hayakawa , Hiroshi, Yatsushige , …We retrospectively reviewed the clinical and radiological findings, management, and factors correlated with outcomes in 20 patients with simultaneous multiple hypertensive intracranial hemorrhages (ICH). The mean admission Glasgow Coma Scale score was 7.8. The most common hematoma location was the putamen, while putamen–brainstem hematomas were the most common combination. The mean hematoma volume was 27.5mL. Eight patients had favorable outcomes and 12 had poor outcomes. Statistical analysis identified that the GCS score on admission, hematoma distribution (unilateral supratentorial hematomas were the most favorable), and total hematoma volume were prognostic factors. This study provides important information on the clinicoradiological findings and…


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