Wrong-level surgery: A unique problem in spine surgery

Wrong-level surgery: A unique problem in spine surgery

John Hsiang Surgical Neurology International 2011 2(1):47-47 Background : Even though a lot of effort has gone into preventing operating at the wrong site and wrong patient, wrong-level surgery is a unique problem in spine surgery.
Methods : The current method to prevent wrong level spine surgery performed is mainly relied on intra-operative X-ray. Unfortunately, because of the unique features and anatomy of the spinal column, wrong level spine surgery still happens. There are situations that even with intraoperative X-ray, correct level still cannot be reliably identified.
Results : Examples of patient whose surgery can easily be performed on the wrong level are illustrated. A protocol to prevent wrong-level spine surgery preformed is developed.
Conclusion : The consequence of wrong-level spine surgery not only generates another surgery of the intended level; it is usually also associated with lawsuit. Strictly following this protocol can prevent wrong-level spine surgery.



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