August 2011 Issue of NEUROSURGERY is Now Online

August 2011 Issue of NEUROSURGERY is Now Online

The August 2011 issue of Neurosurgery is now online and full-text access is available for print subscribers. Non-subscribers may access all article abstracts and the full-text of selected articles.

August 2011 Table of Contents:


Memory Training Unlocks Brain Plasticity in Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease
Tomycz, Nestor D; Friedlander, Robert M

A New Mouse Model of Dystonia
Anderson, W S

New Guidelines for the Management of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Aoun, S G; Rahme, R J; Batjer, H H; Bendok, B R

Surgery Can Protect Elderly Patients With Odontoid Fractures: Who Benefits the Most?
Chi, John

Live Imaging of Dorsal Root Regeneration and the Resurgence of a Forgotten Idea
Hanna, Amgad S; Son, Young-Jin; Dempsey, Robert

Clinical Characteristics of Ependymoma Patients Based on Patient-Reported Outcomes
Engh, Johnathan A

Cancer Stem Cells Can Arise From Differentiated Neoplastic Cells
Jandial, Rahul; Waters, Dawn J; Chen, Mike Y

The Role of Decompressive Craniectomy in Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury
Komotar, Ricardo J; Starke, Robert M; Connolly, E Sander

Meeting Meaningful Use Objectives for Electronic Health Record Implementation
Zusman, Edie E


Cover Essay
Salcman, Michael


Josef Klingler’s Models of White Matter Tracts: Influences on Neuroanatomy, Neurosurgery, and Neuroimaging
Agrawal, Abhishek; Kapfhammer, Josef P; Kress, Annetrudi; Wichers, Hermann; Deep, Aman; Feindel, William; Sonntag, Volker K H; Spetzler, Robert F; Preul, Mark C


Meta-Analysis of Hemorrhagic Complications From Ventriculostomy Placement by Neurosurgeons
Bauer, David F; Razdan, Shantanu N; Bartolucci, Alfred A; Markert, James M


Lower Incidence of Transcranial Doppler and Symptomatic Vasospasm After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Aneurysm Clipping in the Elderly Patient?
Wachter, Dorothee; Hans, Franz; Kreitschmann-Andermahr, Ilonka; Rohde, Veit

Use of Intravenous Conivaptan in Neurosurgical Patients With Hyponatremia From Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion
Potts, Matthew B; DeGiacomo, Anthony F; Deragopian, Lenna; Blevins, Lewis S Jr

Endovascular Treatment of Posterior Circulation Fusiform Aneurysms: Single-Center Experience in 31 Patients
Raphaeli, Guy; Collignon, Laurent; Witte, Olivier De; Lubicz, Boris

Transgressing the Ventricular Wall During Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson Disease Increases the Risk of Adverse Neurological Sequelae
Gologorsky, Yakov; Ben-Haim, Sharona; Moshier, Erin L; Godbold, James; Tagliati, Michele; Weisz, Donald; Alterman, Ron L

Intentional Hypertension During Dissection of Carotid Arteries in Endarterectomy Prevents Postoperative Development of New Cerebral Ischemic Lesions Caused by Intraoperative Microemboli
Kobayashi, Masakazu; Ogasawara, Kuniaki; Yoshida, Kenji; Sasaki, Makoto; Kuroda, Hiroki; Suzuki, Taro; Kubo, Yoshitaka; Fujiwara, Shunrou; Ogawa, Akira

Comparative Patency Between Intracranial Arterial Pedicle and Vein Bypass Surgery
Sia, Sheau Fung; Davidson, Andrew Stewart; Assaad, Nazih Nabil; Stoodley, Marcus; Morgan, Michael Kerin

Associated Aneurysms in Pediatric Arteriovenous Malformations and the Implications for Treatment
Hoffman, Caitlin; Riina, Howard A; Stieg, Philip; Allen, Baxter; Gobin, Y Pierre; Santillan, Alejandro; Souweidane, Mark

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients’ Fears of Recurrence Are Related to the Presence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Noble, Adam J; Baisch, Stefanie; Covey, Judith; Mukerji, Nitin; Nath, Fred; Schenk, Thomas

High Risk of Recurrent Ischemic Events Among Patients With Deferred Intracranial Angioplasty and Stent Placement for Symptomatic Intracranial Atherosclerosis
Kozak, Osman; Tariq, Nauman; Suri, M Fareed K; Taylor, Robert A; Qureshi, Adnan I

The Impact of Minimizing Brain Retraction in Aneurysm Surgery: Evaluation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Oinas, Minna; Erdem, Eren; Krisht, Ali F

Comparative Morphological Analysis of the Geometry of Ruptured and Unruptured Aneurysms
Chien, Aichi; Sayre, James; Viñuela, Fernando

Do Stable Patients With a Premorbid Depression History Have a Worse Outcome After Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson Disease?
Okun, Michael S; Wu, Samuel S; Foote, Kelly D; Bowers, Dawn; Gogna, Shilpa; Price, Catherine; Malaty, Irene; Rodriguez, Ramon L; Jacobson, Charles E; Ward, Herbert

Postoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Predict Neurological Recovery After Surgery for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy: A Prospective Study With Blinded Assessments
Arvin, Babak; Kalsi-Ryan, Sukhvinder; Karpova, Alina; Mercier, David; Furlan, Julio C; Massicotte, Eric M; Fehlings, Michael G

Thromboembolic Complications After Neuroform Stent-Assisted Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms: The Duke Cerebrovascular Center Experience in 235 Patients With 274 Stents
Lessne, Mark L; Shah, Pratish; Alexander, Michael J; Barnhart, Huiman X; Powers, Ciaran J; Golshani, Kiarash; Ferrell, Andrew; Enterline, David; Zomorodi, Ali; Smith, Tony; Britz, Gavin W

Long-term Outcomes After Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Patients With a Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenoma
Gopalan, Rupa; Schlesinger, David; Vance, Mary Lee; Laws, Edward; Sheehan, Jason


Whole Genome Analysis From Microdissected Tissue Revealed Adult Supratentorial Grade II-III Gliomas Are Divided Into Clinically Relevant Subgroups by Genetic Profile
Hirose, Yuichi; Sasaki, Hikaru; Miwa, Tomoru; Ohba, Shigeo; Ikeda, Eiji; Abe, Masato; Ikeda, Shunya; Kobayashi, Mia; Kawase, Tsukasa; Hasegawa, Mitsuhiro; Yoshida, Kazunari

Measurement of Cortical Microcirculation During Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery by Combined Laser-Doppler Flowmetry and Photospectrometry
Klein, Klaus Ulrich; Stadie, Axel; Fukui, Kimiko; Schramm, Patrick; Werner, Christian; Oertel, Joachim; Engelhard, Kristin; Fischer, Gerrit


Epithelial Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Prevents Infiltration and Cerebrospinal Fluid Dissemination in Malignant Glioma: An Experimental Study
Asano, Kenichiro; Ohkuma, Hiroki


Preoperative Evaluation of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms by Fast Imaging Employing Steady-State Acquisition Image
Kimura, Toshikazu; Morita, Akio; Shirouzu, Ichiro; Sora, Shigeo

Mid-term Results of Endovascular Coiling of Wide-Necked Aneurysms Using Double Stents in a Y Configuration
Spiotta, Alejandro M; Gupta, Rishi; Fiorella, David; Gonugunta, Vivekananda; Lobo, Bjorn; Rasmussen, Peter A; Moskowitz, Shaye I


Neuroendovascular Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging and Histological Analysis
Mathews, Marlon S; Su, Jianping; Heidari, Esmaeil; Levy, Elad I; Linskey, Mark E; Chen, Zhongping


MicroRNA and Diseases of the Nervous System
Omahen, David A

Neurosurgical Considerations After Bull Goring During Festivities in Spain and Latin America
Spiotta, Alejandro M; Matoses, Salvador Martorell


Motor Cortex Stimulation Improves Local Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in the Ipsilateral Thalamus in Patients With Poststroke Pain: Case Report
Ito, Masaki; Kuroda, Satoshi; Shiga, Tohru; Tamaki, Nagara; Iwasaki, Yoshinobu

Cavernous Malformation of the Oculomotor Nerve Mimicking a Partially Thrombosed Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm: Report of Two Cases
Wolfe, Stacey Quintero; Manzano, Glen; Langer, David J; Morcos, Jacques J

Combined Surgical and Endovascular Access of the Superficial Middle Cerebral Vein to Occlude a High-Grade Cavernous Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: Case Report
Hurley, Michael C; Rahme, Rudy J; Fishman, Andrew J; Batjer, H Hunt; Bendok, Bernard R

Abscess of the Medulla Oblongata in a Toddler: Case Report and Technical Considerations Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Tractography
Arzoglou, Vasileios; D’Angelo, Luca; Koutzoglou, Michael; Rocco, Concezio Di

Association of Intracranial Aneurysm and Loeys-Dietz Syndrome: Case Illustration, Management, and Literature Review
Rahme, Rudy J; Adel, Joseph G; Bendok, Bernard R; Bebawy, John F; Gupta, Dhanesh K; Batjer, H Hunt

Motor Cortex Stimulation in a Three-Year-Old Child With Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Caused by a Malignant Glioma in the Cerebellopontine Angle: Case Report
Delavallee, Maxime; Rooijakkers, Herbert; Koerts, Guus; Raftopoulos, Christian

Posterior Fossa Subdural Hematoma Resulting in Locked-in Syndrome: Case Report
Sedney, Cara L; Coger, Brenton R; Bailes, Julian E


Predicting Symptomatic Cerebral Vasospasm After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Bor-Seng-Shu, Edson; de-Lima-Oliveira, Marcelo; Teixeira, Manoel Jacobsen; Panerai, Ronney B

Absolute Alcohol Embolization of Symptomatic Vertebral Hemangiomas May Not Be Absolutely Safe During Intraoperative Period!
Prabhakar, Hemanshu; Singh, Gyaninder P

In Reply:
Chandra, P Sarat; Dash, Hari Har

On the Anatomy in Michelangelo’s Separation of Light From Darkness
Bondeson, Lennart; Bondeson, Anne-Greth

Concerning the Concealed Anatomy in Michelangelo’s Sistine Separation of Light From Darkness
Tamargo, Rafael J; Suk, Ian

Antifibrinolytic in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Thomas, Gaberel; Evelyne, Emery

“Is Chiari-I Malformation Associated With Fibromyalgia?” Revisited
Heffez, Dan S

In Reply:
Watson, Nathaniel F; Ellenbogen, Richard G

Brainstem Cavernous Malformations
Mattei, Tobias Alecio; Ramina, Ricardo

In Reply:
Chen, Liang; Mao, Ying

Setting Up a Simple Internet-Accessible Case Database for Neurosurgeons
Benardete, Ethan A

In Reply:
Harrigan, Mark R; Ardelt, Agnieszka A; Fisher, Winfield S III; Taylor, Tracy; Lamb, Kristen

Naming the Soft Tissue Layers of the Temporoparietal Region: Unifying Anatomic Terminology Across Surgical Disciplines
Goel, Atul

Early Migration of a Self-Expanding Intracranial Stent After the Treatment of a Basilar Trunk Aneurysm: Report of a Second Case
Khatri, Rakesh; Rodriguez, Gustavo J; Siddiq, Farhan; Tummala, Ramachandra P

Truths and Myths Regarding Stent Migration
Lobotesis, Kyriakos

About Neurosurgery and the Death of Leon Trotsky
Ramos-Zúñiga, Rodrigo


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