Recommendations for patient selection in spinal cord stimulation

Recommendations for patient selection in spinal cord stimulation

Publication year: 2011
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 29 June 2011
L., Atkinson , S.R., Sundaraj , C., Brooker , J., O’Callaghan , P., Teddy , …
Studies have shown that spinal cord stimulation (SCS) can reduce chronic pain by at least 50% over prolonged periods, improve function and quality-of-life, reduce requirements for healthcare resources and enable return to work in appropriately selected patients. However, SCS does not provide pain relief in all patients and is an expensive, labor intensive and invasive procedure with complications and ongoing management that requires specialists with specific skills and judgment. Multidisciplinary selection of appropriate patients for SCS is essential to achieve maximal benefit from the procedure. The aim of the article is to provide a clinical practice guide to the likely…


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